The Draconic Prophecy

“The Draconic Prophecy is as complex and unfathomable as the dragons themselves. A few among the lesser races learn and study snippets of the huge and constantly accumulating text, but only the dragons have the time and perspective to see the prophecy for what it truly is.”

“Passages appear throughout the world, above, below, and between. Signs are revealed in the changing shape of the Ring of Siberys. Dragonmarks appear on the sides of mountains or the walls of caves, though some of these can only be read when the moons and stars are in certain alignments, or through the application and proximity of certain dragonshards.”

Prophecy Segments

“Five at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar.”

  • Discovered in an abandoned tower near the Brelish-Cyran border.
  • Aric Blacktree was chained to this mark.

”...the five who were not fell/felled on the day of remembrance…”

The Draconic Prophecy

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