Aric Blacktree

Young Brelish ex-soldier


Aric has knowledge of arcane and alchemical arts.


A member of a wealthy Sharnish merchang family, Aric served under Lord Bren ir’Gadden in the war and was captured along with him by a party of Dolgrim a week before the Day of Mourning. He was found in a ruined tower near the Cyran border chained to a piece of draconic prophecy emanating from the earthen floor. He remained catatonic once freed, and was lost in the confusion following the Day of Mourning.

Four years later Aric resurfaced in Sharn when he summoned an unknown being to attack a ceremony memorializing the Day of Mourning. Lord Bren had put on the event, and invited some of his rescuers to attend. Aric also apparently intended to blow up the tower on which the event was held.

Investigation has revealed that Aric recently made significant purchases of ritual formulae and eldritch paraphenelia. One merchant, a dwarf named Brael, provided an address that Aric used: 6 Redstone Tower, Seventh Tower Ward, Upper Menthis.

Aric has employed a number of allies, including the Red Jackal shifters from The Depths of Sharn, Bladebearer, or Kech Sharaat, goblins, and dolgaunts.

At some point between the Day of Mourning and his attack at Lord Bren’s ceremony, Aric manifested a large aberrant dragonmark that covers most of his upper torso.

Aric Blacktree

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