Against the Tempest's Roar

Alchemists and Air sleds

In which our heroes take to the unfriendly skies.

Questioning the surviving changeling, the adventurers learned that he was hired by Aric, who neglected to tell him that it was a suicide mission. The authorities were called in, and the party agreed to meet at Dulcinea’s office at Morgrave University.

There they composed a letter to Lord Bren requesting an audience. While they waited for the response, they began inquiring into Aric’s history. They learned that he went missing a month after the Day of Mourning, and had not been seen until these recent events. Audrey, a contact of Nightchill’s with connections to the black market, had heard of someone buying a significant quantity of arcane material recently, leading to the suspicion that this was Aric. Following this lead, they visited a small shop tucked away in the Bazaar ward of Middle Cliffside.

The shopkeeper, Brael, is a swarthy dwarf not overly concerned with how his goods and services are used. He said Blacktree paid 50,000 gold to learn a summoning ritual, and had ordered a number of various materials in addition. Besides the now-abandoned address at the base of Dalannon Tower, Brael had another address, which he provided after the party made some veiled threats: 6 Redstone Tower, Seventh Tower Ward, Upper Menthis. Asking Nightchill to put in a good word with Audrey, Brael bid the party good day.

Returning to Morgrave, the party found a young page awaiting them. Sent by Lord Bren, he offered to conduct them by sky coach to Bren’s home in Skyway. Their otherwise peaceful journey was interrupted when Aric and a company of goblins swooped in on soar sleds. A heated battle ensued, with the ship captain weaving between the towers and bridges. In the end, the raiding party was defeated, and Aric fell from his sled. Moving quickly, Nightchill hijacked a soar sled and cast feather fall on Aric as she dove to catch him as he safely floated to her sled.

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