Against the Tempest's Roar

A Day of Remembrance

In which unlikely events continue to occur around towers

Four years later, Lord Bren has decided to have a remembrance ceremony on the anniversary of the Day of Mourning. Dulcinea, Hanmere, and He’u are invited to attend. Although not invited, both Alain and Nightchill attend for their own reasons.

Midway through the ceremony, the door beneath the balcony slammed open and a sickly gray mist wafted out. In the center of the mist was a 7 foot tallk creature resembling a white-furred ape. The adventurers managed to destroy the creature, but only after it had killed a number of bystanders. Once killed, the creature dissolved into gray mist which briefly took the shape of the same prophecy mark they had encountered four years before.

Following a trail of victims (and with a few mishaps), they managed to track the origin of the creature to a townhouse at the base of the tower. A band of Red Jackal shifters and Bladebearer goblins waited inside. After defeating the ambush, the adventurers prepared to investigate upstairs. There they found a strange machine arcing bolts of lightning, tended by a dolgaunt and two changelings. Dolgaunt


numinophile numinophile

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